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The Two Of Us

by cjj on July 6, 2013

Today Shirley and Bob had too many time-lapse cameras that needed attention. So Bob went off to a camera at Wollongong by himself for a nice peaceful drive, and then the Lions game at Sydney Olympic Park. Meanwhile I went with Shirley to change a disk in a camera that is photographing progress on the fixing of the collapsed retaining wall at Harris Park Railway station.
So, here we are at Harris Park.



The Red Track

by cjj on June 16, 2013

An imaginary sketch I did last night. I was inspired to do it when I saw an accidental blue smudge on the paper … a lot like Mr Squiggle used to do. 🙂 #justforfun



Sorting stuff at my old school

by cjj on January 24, 2011

outdoor sculpture workshop

outdoor sculpture workshop

As a favor to the current art teacher, J and I spent some of the last 3 days at school sorting out stuff that she is not likely to ever use. Basically a big clean up, ready for a new start. I was the art teacher at this school for most of the last 3 decades, so there was a lot of stuff there that I had collected, and used in the various projects that we did over that time.
The photo is the outdoor area just off the class room. This is where we went to do big and/or really messy projects, because we could hose it down when we finished. Things like mixing plaster, spray painting, and often pottery, paper making. That’s all over for me now. Well doing it with kids is over. When I do any thing like that in the future, it will be for me.


2 drawings about boating on canals

by cjj on October 27, 2010

The wash from the boat in the canal

a lock just starting to fill with water from the canal above it

A lock just starting to fill with water from the canal above it

I have managed to do a few sketches, some from life, but they have had to be pretty quick. Others from pictures on the computer at night. I like doing the real life ones because they’re good memories of what’s happening at the moment. But I have also filled a diary with writing. I love writing, in a restaurant mostly, but sitting anywhere, it’s easier to write a real little bit than to have to leave a drawing that’s just started. I have really enjoyed drawing from the computer at night. That’s easier and very satisfying.

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our birthday party

by cjj on September 25, 2010

my twin sister Shirley and me

my twin sister Shirley and me

… on our birthday


Back home to Barraba

by cjj on September 15, 2010

Saunders greengrocer

Saunders Greengrocer, Barraba

It was a quick trip to Wooli, but good to be home again. If you look carefully you can see me in one of my favourite shops in Barraba stocking up on fruit and veg and having a good chat with Toni. J liked the fact that he could see me in there and his reflection too in the white landrover in a mirror in the back of the shop, not just the window. A photo with depth.


catching up with rellies

by cjj on September 13, 2010

J’s cousin and wife came for lunch on Saturday, we had a delicious middle eastern type meal (delicious even if I do say so my self!) and a great time just talking and trying to photograph the blue wrens and other things that hung around to entertain us. Weather was glorious, and the view was green!

Barbequed mushroom, eggplant and nan bread, with chilli/curry meatballs, tabuleh, hommus and yoghurt.

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The magician’s 3D puzzle

by cjj on August 24, 2010

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Is any one out there?

by cjj on August 10, 2010

It really seems like I’m doing a lot of chatting to my self.

I have added a poll, PLEASE vote …. there is only one choice!!!

If you comment on this post, you could win!!!


revision for an exam on Friday

by cjj on June 9, 2010

This is all I seem to be doing these days. These are Chinese characters that I have written on bits of stiff paper. The translation is on the back of them. I sit at my desk and try to learn them. Sometimes it feels like a game of patience. The aim of the game is to put them all into columns of overlapping cards which tells me (for the moment!!!) that I can remember what they are. If it is not overlapping, it means I can still flick it over to see what it means. Here you can see that 2 columns are emerging 2nd and 3rd from the right. I try to limit the time it takes me to do each set … hence the timer. And then I read the text that these words came from.
Each time I play the game, I get them into columns faster. This is an indication that something is happening in my grey matter!!!!

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