by cjj on September 4, 2010

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I have been putting sound tracks onto movies that my hubby has made in x-plane.  I particularly like this movie.

The plane is called Taz and was made by an x-planer called Brett Sumpter. The pilot is by Paul Jones aka dad. This is a low tech plane, but I have a page and half of technical information! Here’s a bit of it:

Empty weight 450 lbs
Max gross weight 825 lbs
Fuel capacity 12.5 gallons (75 lbs)

Engine – Rotax 912ULS, 100 hp
26′ main rotor, 7′ fixed pitch prop

…. basic tractor autogyro but with a modern lightweight engine – long travel landing gear + low speeds  & lots of power mean you can go almost anywhere that doesn’t require vertical takeoff.

These x-planers really have fun!

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finding Moganshan in China with X-Plane

by cjj on March 29, 2010

We’ve been busy today finding our way over China! X-Plane is a flight simulation program, and it is very good at forcing one to learn geography. We wanted to fly over Moganshan, plus other places, but to get there, we had to find the nearest airport, and then which direction to go. With the aid of online maps we were able to do it. It’s both very entertaining and educational. Jon then wanted to fly on to Beijing, and it was so far away, he left the plane on autopilot and went outside to wash the car. When he came back he was almost there. How surreal is that!

Here is a map zooming in on Moganshan (introduced to us in China Cuckoo by Mark Kitto).