Vegetable garden is going fine!

by cjj on November 11, 2014

Vegetable garden with early morning shadow. Vegetable garden. November, mid spring.


The vegetable garden continues to provide us with enough vegetables for our real food diet. As well as vegetable and meat meals and salads, we have a green smoothie every day. I love the fact that I can make it all from living vegetables that have been grown completely without man made chemicals. So far, our only fertiliser has been horse manure and organic mulch. On the advice of the local nursery man (Heemskerks in Tamworth) we’re switching to lucern mulch. He pointed out that it is much more nutritious for the plants than sugar cane mulch. (NTS: find a reference for this!)


Garden’s progress

by cjj on June 1, 2014

First day of winter today. We are so lucky to be able to grow vegetables during winter. There are enough green leafy veges here now, to keep us supplied with green smoothies. Actually the weather has been unusually warm and I even still have basil plants. There are also lots of so called weeds that are becoming part of our staple diet.
The downside of warm weather at this time of year is that there are still so many flies. Never been so bad 🙁


Cooking in the back yard

by cjj on May 8, 2011

cooking in the back yard

Cooking in the backyard

I love this time of year. It is not hot, and not yet too cold to spend our evenings outside. Last week we had our fire burning all day so it was just natural to want to cook on it.
I have a bit of trouble when I cook. I don’t use recipes, I just look at what food I’ve got and throw a selection of it together. So sometimes it works, but other times it is a bit strange. Luckily, neither of us is too fussy.
I’m also not very good at cooking a meal until I’m hungry, so of course I want to cook it quickly. That might be why I’ll eat anything. I’m hungry!!!!

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the worst Salade de l’océan

by cjj on October 27, 2010

horrible salad
A horrible salad

In the south of France one is supposed to get nice seafood.

This salad of browning lettuce had tinned tuna, tinned shelled prawns, 4 fresh prawns that were very watery as if they had been defrosted, cubes of what we are told is crabmeat, hard boiled eggs, tomato wedges and 4 olives, oh and some mayonaise. I would have thought a restaurant that named itself after the universe might have a better idea than that. I honestly won’t be going back to Restaurant L’Univers, Place Aristide Briand 84200 Carpentras.

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Tuesday 19th – le greve

by cjj on October 26, 2010

A delicious pub lunch

sausage, meat and lentils.

Ready this morning to get through the staircase of 7 locks at Beziers … couldn’t work out why no one was there to work them. A small old man walking his dog was very friendly, and I understood from him that there would be no locks today .. I couldn’t work it out, it wasn’t Monday! He kept saying le greve, le greve. I rang the boat base and the girl there told me there was a strike. Suddenly I knew what le greve meant.
So we went for our first bike ride .. 7km along the tow path mostly, but there were a few detours, and quite exhausted we finally arrived at the next village up the canal. It was Villeneuve les Beziers. In French, I asked 2 different women where could we buy lunch. They both directed us way out of town. From that I learnt that I should ask where is a cafe or restaurant? We didn’t go where they said becasue we wanted to eat in town .. we found a pub in the middle of town that had a buffet and this lentils and sausage. We had no choice, but it was delicious so were very happy.


one of the nicest meals

by cjj on October 26, 2010

Chez l'Eclusier, Colombier

the most delicious fish dish that was a good size too

bent glasses

what fun, bent glasses.

At this restaurant, Chez l’Eclusier at Colombiers we had the best meal.This was my dish and was a fish called colin. I’m sure that the drizzle is molassas. A few places have used it to decorate the plate.
Before lunch we had boated through the Malpas tunnel, moored and climbed a long hill to see Oppidum d’Enserune, which is an ancient Roman village ruin … but it was Monday and it was closed!


Lunch on the boat

by cjj on October 24, 2010

Fried bread, sausage cheese and salad

Fried bread, sausage cheese and salad

Jon having lunch on the boat

Jon having lunch on the boat

Despite Jon’s look, this was a very nice meal. Wasn’t into cooking, so it was a good way to deal with stale bread, and only had a frypan to wash.


tonight’s dinner

by cjj on September 13, 2010

fish and chipsfish and chips from the local cafe, with a bit of salad, tomato sauce and bread and butter … delicious. All fashionably served on a table cloth of wrapping paper and in our exclusive outdoor dining area: the landing on the back steps (Wooli).

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catching up with rellies

by cjj on September 13, 2010

J’s cousin and wife came for lunch on Saturday, we had a delicious middle eastern type meal (delicious even if I do say so my self!) and a great time just talking and trying to photograph the blue wrens and other things that hung around to entertain us. Weather was glorious, and the view was green!

Barbequed mushroom, eggplant and nan bread, with chilli/curry meatballs, tabuleh, hommus and yoghurt.

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