Barraba’s water supply

by cjj on June 18, 2013

Thanks to our Independent member, Tony Windsor MP, and a hung parliament, our small town is finally getting a (very much more) reliable water supply. And here it comes!


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We drove into town today to pick up some French flash cards that I had made. Steve from the Barraba Gazette cut them up for me.
That’s right! I’m now, or should I say we are now learning French! I’m not stopping Mandarin, and as a matter of fact, starting the second new language has been helpful with the first one .. except that I’m running out of time each day. ;-( But on the other hand I feel like I am becoming more efficient in my learning.

Anyway, on the way into town the construction of Barraba’s pipeline is happening.  Which is another story.

Laying the water pipe into Barraba. Laying the water pipe into Barraba.

This post is really just an excuse to test my phone’s new app. With this, I just might start posting more often.