Aquarium update

by cjj on October 1, 2011

Little worms have been pestering the mystery snails so badly that some of them have died. So action was needed.
One plan to get rid of the worms was to buy a fish or 2. Hence Little red and Big blue. They are common gold fish (comets), but a little bit more decorative. We’re not sure if they’re eating the worms, but they spit out the baby snails who don’t seem to mind nearly being eaten. There really are too many baby snails though, so it would be handy if they were on the fish’s menu.
For the moment, the big snails are in a separate container that I am monitoring carefully. It’s a bit milky because there is no filtering going on. We have a pump in there though and because the water is being stirred up, and there is a sea shell in there, the water acidity is staying neutral. I’m changing half the water every day, and keeping it warm with hot water bottles leaning against the outside. The heating should not have been necessary except we have a sudden cold change in the weather.

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Shirley Peters October 4, 2011 at 1:30 pm

do watersnails like celery?


cjj October 4, 2011 at 6:47 pm

They like the celery if I peel some of the strings down the side. Otherwise there is a fight for the end positions 🙂 They really like old rotting lettuce too, but mostly they have to put up with fresh stuff. Mystery snails are a popular aquarium pet because they don’t eat living plants…. I believe.


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