Expressions that introduce the topic of a sentence

by 卡梅尔 on September 4, 2011

The following is from my favourite grammar book by Ross and Ma. I hope they don’t mind if I use their work for my posts, which are a great way of revising for me.
I hope that you, the readers of this post, also find it helpful, and btw, I can recommend the book!

至于 zhì yú Concerning, regarding, as for…
对于 duì yú Concerning, regarding, as for…
关于 guān yú Concerning, regarding, as for…

对来说 duì lái shuō As for me …
提到 tí dào Speaking about (topic)
谈到 tán dào Speaking about (topic)

Zhìyú wǒmen liǎng gèrén de shìqíng, nǐ jiù bùyào guǎnle.
As for the matter between the two of us, you don’t have to worry.

Duì wǒ lái shuō, jiāoshū shì yī jiàn hěn kuàilè de shì.
As for me, teaching is a very enjoyable task.

Tán dào yǔfǎ, wǒ shì yīqiào bùtōng.
Speaking of grammar, I know nothing.

This last one is my sentence, adapted from a sentence about football!

If any one would like to offer some more examples, please do so as a comment. Thank you!

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