Just talking to myself! 只对我说汉语!

by 卡梅尔 on November 21, 2012

This is my latest attempt to talk with myself. I think I’m improving, but still a ways to go.
After I finished, I listened to myself and wrote down what I said … mistakes and all. I will learn from my mistakes!!!!!!

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你好,我正在有很好一个注意。我觉得每天都我会说去我的电脑告诉你我今天做了什么。我会measure 时间我可以看了多少间我可以说汉语。
已经我说汉语两分钟。我像好不好(wonder)我不可不可以说 another 三个分钟。
现在。。 是 。。晚上九点四十九分钟。我很累。我想我不会(说)练习汉语(说一)我就对我说汉语 。。。(laja)垃圾汉语!!
已经我会说四半分钟。(四个半种)四分钟半,四分钟半,四分半种 。。。啊。
mm ,, 啊,ah well 五个,五分半分种。再见!

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