Wow, a new life!

by cjj on March 21, 2014

So much has happened in my life since we sadly, decided that we couldn’t buy this beautiful boat! We dreamed of owning a boat on the Canal du Midi, but this particular boat had some serious problems, and we just couldn’t see how we could fix it …

So, back in Australia, I have discovered a whole new way of eating … eating real food … with a healthy supply of natural probiotics … and green stuff … in smoothies .. but, I don’t have time to talk about that just yet ..

More important right now is my love of China, and the Chinese language! It is about 7 years since I started learning Chinese. I have made steady progress in that time and am still learning new stuff every day. I can almost speak a little bit fluently, better now than the recordings that I have put on this blog … but I’ll demonstrate that later too.

Today I just want to announce that I have signed up for a challenge: Sensible Chinese character learning challenge 2014
And this is what my challenge is:

I’m up to lesson 321 in ChineseLearnOnline. That means I only have 99 lessons to go!
I really enjoy the lessons from CLO, but I must admit I’ve been concentrating on listening and speaking skills, and reading characters … certainly not writing them. I guess it’s about time I did it properly! Each lesson has between 0 and 10 new words, usually about 5.
So my goal is going to be to learn whatever words (not just characters) that they throw at me in the next 99 lessons!
Milestone #1 (April 8th): to Lesson 338
Milestone #2 (April 30th): to Lesson 360
Milestone #3 (May 31st): to Lesson 391
End of challenge (June 30th): to Lesson 420

I think I had better get started … now!

So enough blogging, see you next time!



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