caterpiller with salad dressing

by cjj on April 1, 2010

Sometimes I just don’t run for the camera when I probably should.

Last night, luckily it wasn’t too dark when we were having dinner on our (usually candlelit) front verandah. There we were tucking into a delicious roasted meal accompanied by a fresh salad made with lettuce leaves from a sealed bag bought in a big supermarket. No use naming or blaming them, I should have checked more carefully … but half way through dinner a big caterpillar surfaced onto the rim of the salad bowl! It looked really strange, he was definitely trying to escape. But instead of filming it to show you, I pulled him out gently with my knife. In the dark, we thought it looked like a millipede, but after we had finished eating, Jon washed it off and had a look, it was just a caterpillar and he put him outside. We wondered later if a bird liked the flavour of balsamic vinegar on his dinner!

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