what, another photo of a crested pigeon?

by cjj on August 26, 2010

Teenage crested pigeon

Teenage crested pigeon, just resting in the lush grass.

These beautiful creatures just keep hanging around. I can’t help it if they’re so photogenic! This is the junior of the family, he just sits around all day and still gets fed by his parents! They, meanwhile are sitting on the nest again. I’m quite surprised that the raptors haven’t eaten him, he really isn’t too frightened by anything.
After what feels like 25 years of drought, this lush grass is also a novelty for us. We’ve had a week of cloudy, windy and wet weather but only a total of 17mm of rain. It looks lush on the surface, but I don’t think there is enough water to get deep into the soil.

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