Poor internet reception

by cjj on August 30, 2010

This photo shows what I assume are 2 phone towers. I believe they are both owned by Testra, Australia’s national phone company (used to be a monopoly owned by the people, whoops I mean the government).

These towers are about 1.6km from our place, and this is the view we have of them. I would call this view something like line of sight.

Why then is the signal so weak? I rang to complain, but was told it wasn’t a weak signal. It’s not possible to argue these technical issues, it’s clearly a subjective opinion. Anyway I asked about an external aerial, there is such a thing, but it will cost a hundred and something dollars. Let’s hope that makes a difference.

My benchmark is talking on Skype. If I can understand what the other person is saying, than I would say I have a reasonable connection. If I can’t understand them, I might as well be using dial-up. Heck, I could usually understand phone callers! That was pre-computer dial-up technology!

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