yesterday was slow

by cjj on September 6, 2010

Yesterday was another slow day. On an internet speed test it took 445ms to do a ping, about 2 mins to complete the test, but it showed the transfer rate was as it normally is!!

And, after no meaningful work, I’m now up to 8g … in 2 days! Meanwhile the router is telling us that it is on top speed (but it is ‘in house’ reporting). This makes me think it’s not our connection to the tower that is the problem, but another bit of equipment after that. When my uploads slow to nothing, the internet light on the router is blinking very fast, this is what is consuming my data transfer allowance.

It’s not the end server, because it is everything that I’m doing on the net, not just uploading one file.

It’s not my computer, I have a lap top and desk top computer, and both slow at the same time. I can move my lap top in close to the router, and it makes no difference.

I haven’t been game to turn the computer on today. But I have now, it seems okay … wish me luck!

Bigpond/Telstra say they will reply to technical support emails within 2 business days. I sent it Sunday morning. One business day to go.

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