Tuesday 19th – le greve

by cjj on October 26, 2010

A delicious pub lunch

sausage, meat and lentils.

Ready this morning to get through the staircase of 7 locks at Beziers … couldn’t work out why no one was there to work them. A small old man walking his dog was very friendly, and I understood from him that there would be no locks today .. I couldn’t work it out, it wasn’t Monday! He kept saying le greve, le greve. I rang the boat base and the girl there told me there was a strike. Suddenly I knew what le greve meant.
So we went for our first bike ride .. 7km along the tow path mostly, but there were a few detours, and quite exhausted we finally arrived at the next village up the canal. It was Villeneuve les Beziers. In French, I asked 2 different women where could we buy lunch. They both directed us way out of town. From that I learnt that I should ask where is a cafe or restaurant? We didn’t go where they said becasue we wanted to eat in town .. we found a pub in the middle of town that had a buffet and this lentils and sausage. We had no choice, but it was delicious so were very happy.

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