Google is back in China, so is my blog, but too late!

by cjj on July 10, 2010

China renews Google’s licence to operate in China, the internet giant says, ending a long-running stand-off between the two.
Google office sign - 谷歌 - gu ge - Google.

Google in China

Thanks to the BBC news online, the first thing I saw this morning was that Google had been invited back into China!! This is really significant for me, because it was because of their absence that my blogspot blog didn’t work in China, so I swapped it all to WordPress. Would have been worse for anyone in China who had made a blogspot blog. At least I could access mine and move my stuff across … any way, now they’re back, there was no need for me to go to all that trouble.

But I’m glad I did because I learnt a lot. And I like wordPress, though it doesn’t have ‘followers’. (Oh I just found ‘trackbacks’ and ‘pingbacks’ .. I’ll check them out later.)

This morning XuNi said  “I can see your blog, ha ha”    我会看你的博客的, 呵呵

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