Golfech, France

by cjj on September 29, 2013

Well, this is what I’m doing now!!
No time to blog at all!! But also very few opportunities because it is not easy getting on the Internet in France.
But here I am, with 3 others, in Southern France, on a friend’s boat. A serious boat at 30 ton, so a big responsibility. This photo is from Golfech, a lovely little town where we stayed a few nights. The last 3 nights have been in Agen. Now we are just moseying back to Mossaic. We might stop again at Golfech if there is room at the harbour.



The Two Of Us

by cjj on July 6, 2013

Today Shirley and Bob had too many time-lapse cameras that needed attention. So Bob went off to a camera at Wollongong by himself for a nice peaceful drive, and then the Lions game at Sydney Olympic Park. Meanwhile I went with Shirley to change a disk in a camera that is photographing progress on the fixing of the collapsed retaining wall at Harris Park Railway station.
So, here we are at Harris Park.




Each year, my twin sister, Shirley, paints pictures from LeTour which she really likes to watch on TV. It’s like plein air painting, but from the other side of the world, and with the aid of photography. 🙂
She then uploads a picture of the painting to eBay and sells them. On eBay Shirley’s name is Sannpet.



Barraba’s water supply

by cjj on June 18, 2013

Thanks to our Independent member, Tony Windsor MP, and a hung parliament, our small town is finally getting a (very much more) reliable water supply. And here it comes!


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The Red Track

by cjj on June 16, 2013

An imaginary sketch I did last night. I was inspired to do it when I saw an accidental blue smudge on the paper … a lot like Mr Squiggle used to do. 🙂 #justforfun



Rainbow Lorikeets at Wooli

by cjj on June 14, 2013

Even in winter the birds can find flowers to supply them with nectar. It’s been so dry in Barraba so far this year, but at Wooli they say it hasn’t stopped raining.
While we were there last weekend we heard the Eastern Rozellas on their nest inside the wall of our kitchen! Really!



We drove into town today to pick up some French flash cards that I had made. Steve from the Barraba Gazette cut them up for me.
That’s right! I’m now, or should I say we are now learning French! I’m not stopping Mandarin, and as a matter of fact, starting the second new language has been helpful with the first one .. except that I’m running out of time each day. ;-( But on the other hand I feel like I am becoming more efficient in my learning.

Anyway, on the way into town the construction of Barraba’s pipeline is happening.  Which is another story.

Laying the water pipe into Barraba. Laying the water pipe into Barraba.

This post is really just an excuse to test my phone’s new app. With this, I just might start posting more often.


Shearing in mid summer

by cjj on January 9, 2013



by 卡梅尔 on December 8, 2012


我今天的讲话 - my talk for today

by 卡梅尔 on November 24, 2012

And here’s the English translation of what I tried to say today. I wrote this after I made the recording, which, except for “一个单词列表 - Yīgè dāncí lièbiǎo”, I ad-libbed the whole thing. Shocking eh!!! Room for improvement you say? Me too … I’m working on it 🙂

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Hello everyone,
today is Saturday, midday, 11:28am.
I think about time (jihu shijian) I made my speech, today’s speech.
Today, I have prepared a list (read this bit!) to help me think of things to say. ha ha but I still can’t speak Chinese! ummm um um, today, this morning, AS USUAL, I walked for 30 minutes. When I got home I watered the yard. Afterwards, I, inside, made a cup of tea, and next to, no in front of sat at my computer, (zuole???) started to study Chinese.
xiang? (first) I listened to a web lesson no. 210. I spent 27 minutes listening until I could understand it.
Then I prepared words that I could use in today’s talk. I wrote a few sentences, … put them onto Lang-8 web site to get my friends there to help me with these sentences.
sigh, 5 minutes, finished, bye bye.