Rainbow Lorikeets at Wooli

by cjj on June 14, 2013

Even in winter the birds can find flowers to supply them with nectar. It’s been so dry in Barraba so far this year, but at Wooli they say it hasn’t stopped raining.
While we were there last weekend we heard the Eastern Rozellas on their nest inside the wall of our kitchen! Really!



eastern rosella

by cjj on September 13, 2010

This eastern rosella is one of a pair that are nesting inside the wall of this house at Wooli. There was a patch on the wall where a pipe used to be, but the patch came off the and birds moved in. Sometimes we can  hear them in the wall especially when their young start to get big. They have been there for many years!


baby crested pigeon!

by cjj on July 26, 2010

Crested pigeon and baby

Crested pigeon keeping an eye on me as I struggle to photograph them between the branches.

We were sitting in our back yard yesterday morning, enjoying the sun, and the quiet, and the sound of birds, particularly the crested pigeons gently wooing to each other. We had our backs to a may bush, and could hear occasional rustling in there and a soft woo that was answered by another bird who we could see wandering around feeding. Of course we were curious as to why a crested pigeon would be inside the may bush ….and after searching carefully saw that they have a baby!! Middle of winter and there it was, snuggled up to an adult and about half the size, and just as beautiful. Today we didn’t have to look far to find the same birds in a nearby shrub.
Crested pigeons are always in our garden and often nesting. I think this is the first time we’ve actually seen a baby.

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Crested Pigeon

by cjj on July 24, 2010

Australian Crested Pigeon

crested pigeons love living at our place

I used to call this bird a top knot pigeon. I now call it a crested pigeon, I think both common names are acceptable. A very common bird, we always have them in our yard, but quite regularly we find little piles of feathers where a raptor has had one for dinner. It worries me when they get so blaze as to let me photograph them as easily as I snapped this one. He was pecking around the grass and didn’t worry about me at all. The soft colour transitions of the feathers are just beautiful, and I also really like their temperament, and the soft call that they make.