brown snake

Solar powered snake repeller

by cjj on February 13, 2011

solar panel on top of a snake repeller

snake repeller

This little disk has a solar panel on top that charges a battery. Under it is an aluminium post about 30cm (1 foot) long. Inside it is a battery, and something that makes a load vibrating noise. When you hold it it is quite loud. So you bury it, and it is a very soft sound that can only just be heard. The snake feels the vibration through his belly and runs away. He thinks it is a big animal and feels very threatened. Hopefully I won’t ever have any more photos of snakes on my blog!



by cjj on April 26, 2010

This dead tree had been standing just outside our place for more than 30 years, so I guess it had to come down eventually. We heard the crashing sound late last night, but didn’t know what had caused it until this morning. Jon and I spent most of the day cutting it into little chunks to fit into our fire place during winter. I was looking forward to finding bird nests in the hollow branches but there was nothing there. However there was a brown snake that slithered out of it … straight into the garden.


Brown snake in our garden

by cjj on March 13, 2010

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The birds always let us know when there is a snake around. Once, we saw a brown snake swallowing a honeyeater in this same part of our garden. They know the snakes are a real threat and they ban together to call us so that we can scare it away!