We arrived here one afternoon and were entertained by the dramatic emptying of all the locks that are lined up like a giant staircase.
Here is an interesting excerpt from Wikipedia:
Though Pierre-Paul Riquet rightly receives so much credit and acknowledgement for the creation of the Canal du Midi, we may forget that many individual parts of the canal were built by subcontractors other than Riquet. The subcontractors for these locks were two illiterate brothers, Michel and Pierre Medailhes. Many of the workers were women. (^ Mukerji, Chandra (2009). Impossible Engineering. Princeton University Press. ISBN 978-0-691-14032-2.)


Malpas Tunnel, Canal du Midi

by cjj on January 6, 2011

This was a very interesting area. I wrote about the Etang de Montady when we were there! This is a short movie of the tunnel. The boater’s guide book said it was easy, and it was, you just needed a loud horn on the boat. I was very pleased that we were able to follow a boat through that wasn’t shy about using it. I’ve deliberately lowered the volume on this movie because our chatter is not all that interesting. Better to play your own music!


Canal du Midi – little village

by cjj on December 29, 2010

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Canal du Midi was very long. I will have lots of movies of it. This one is about 5 minutes long, and at one stage we float on through a village. There was so much to see along the canal, it seems a shame we didn’t stop at this village, but we were planning to stop at the next one, and we had to get through the locks before the lock keepers knocked off.


Canal du Midi, locks and birds

by cjj on December 18, 2010

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All hand held camera, so a bit shaky, and the original sound track, sorry for my few loud words that don’t mean anything. But I like this video because it captures the feel of the locks, and the canal. It goes for about 6.5 minutes.


Staircase of locks at Fonsérannes

by cjj on October 27, 2010

staircase of locks at Fonsérannes
Staircase of locks at Fonsérannes

This series of locks is a world heritage listed bit of engineering. It really was great to actually go down them all. We had a strike day to hang around here and have a good look. It was the first time we encounted unkept and messy surrounds. Really was quite disgusting. It seems they would get away with it because visitors obviously focus on these.

There was only one other lock that had really awful surrounds and that was the last one we used at Lattes.



by cjj on October 12, 2010

Canal du midi


Sunday 10th October

This is part of a canal that actually cuts France in half.

This was our first day on this canal. It is wider and more landscaped than the Baise. We can stop anywhere along it. On the boat is a mallet with 3 steel pegs so that we can moor anywhere.
It rained most of this day, and we got drenched holding onto ropes in locks.