This kind of job is quite normal on a property where there are cattle. They like to rub themselves on anything they can, and fence posts work just fine. So, over the years, the fence posts get a lean on them.
This particular post is on the corner of our garden, in front of our shipping containers. We want to hang a gate on it, so we had to straighten it. It took us all afternoon to do it. After digging out the dirt on the outside of it, we attached a chain to the tow bar of the truck and pulled it up straight. Then we tamped rocks around it to hold it straight … but tamped too hard on one side and it ended up sloping out into the paddock. Oh dear! We had to dig the rocks out from the inside of the post (ones that we had just tamped in) and then use the truck to push it back to an upright position. The job should have taken only half the afternoon!!!
At least it’s done now, well not quite. We don’t have the right stuff to attach it to the post, so this job is still on the “to do” list.

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Fallen branches

by cjj on January 16, 2011

big branches across the fence

big branches across the fence

fallen branch all cleared away

Took all morning to clear it away, fence is not fixed yet

moisture in the wood

wet ring on the timber J cut from the branches.

There was no wind last night, it was quite calm, but one branch in a big yellow box gum tree got too heavy and took another with it on the way down. Unfortunately it fell across our fence and into the tree where most of our birds nest. We spent 4 or 5 hours today, clearing it away and no birds complained. The crested pigeon spent that whole time on her nest and not moving. We were working within feet of her, and only a few meters away with a chain saw! The tree where the nests are has short spiky leaves, so it’s good protection for birds, but it’s hard to work with. I don’t know what it is, but I’m now going to try and grow some more of them from the bits that came off it.

The photo of the sawn-off wood shows how much moisture was in the branch. That, along with a big load of flower buds, made it very heavy.



by cjj on April 26, 2010

This dead tree had been standing just outside our place for more than 30 years, so I guess it had to come down eventually. We heard the crashing sound late last night, but didn’t know what had caused it until this morning. Jon and I spent most of the day cutting it into little chunks to fit into our fire place during winter. I was looking forward to finding bird nests in the hollow branches but there was nothing there. However there was a brown snake that slithered out of it … straight into the garden.