木柴 mùchái firewood

by 卡梅尔 on May 21, 2011

我每天砍 一些木柴。
Wǒ měi tiān kǎn yīxiē mùchái.
Every day I cut some firewood.

Jīntiān yǔ tíng hòu, wǒ kǎn le hěnduō chái.
Today when the rain stopped, I cut some more wood.

Wǒmen shōují bìng kǎn shǎo zìjǐ de mùchái.
We collect and cut our own firewood.

Tā bǎ tā sòng dào wàimiàn, ràng tā kěyǐ wéi gōuhuǒ kǎn gèng duō mùchái.
She sent him outside to cut more wood for the fire.

我每天砍 一些木柴。Wǒ měi tiān kǎn yīxiē mùchái.

我每天砍 一些木柴。Wǒ měi tiān kǎn yīxiē mùchái. Everyday I cut some firewood.


more storms, more fallen branches

by cjj on January 20, 2011

next winter's firewood (storm damage)

next winter's firewood!

Gum tree branches in the Cootamundra wattle

Gum tree branches in the Cootamundra wattle

view across paddock, flock of sheep and fallen branches

View across the paddock, flock of sheep and fallen branches.

Forget raining cats and dogs, it was branches, (thanks Shirl) but luckily not too much damage and 2 birds are still on their nests! The crested pigeon didn’t get any more branches on top of her, but she would have had to hold on to not get blown out of her nest, which also survived! And on the other side of the house is a pair of willy wag tails with a nest. After the storm, a disheveled looking bird was on that nest too. It was a great storm, there are trees and branches down all around the paddock. And someone has been chainsawing out on the main road for hours!
This time we got 25mm which is quite respectable, in just half an hour. But the wind was terrible, from every direction. No lightning and just a little hail. So we were very lucky.

Just this morning our landlord swapped the cattle in our paddock for a flock of sheep. I watched them as they marched down the road (between the thistles) and turned right to go to the shade under the trees that you can see in the bottom photo. It was a very sunny and hot morning. After the storm they weren’t under the tree and I hope they weren’t there when those branches fell.


felling a dead banksia

by cjj on September 13, 2010

felled tree at WooliThis is our house at Wooli, and this is J with a dead banksia that he has just cut down. It was right next to our overhead power supply cable, so we were very pleased when it fell where we wanted it to: away from the wire and away from the house. Tomorrow we will pack  as much of it as we can into the trailer to take home for firewood. The rest can wait till we return next time with the mulcher. But we will still have to tidy it up.

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A tangle of firewood

by cjj on September 2, 2010

I wonder what the collective noun for firewood is? A tangle of firewood. Certainly felt like it with this load.

Just another chore out of the way, and a little exercise thrown in for good measure. And now we have plenty of wood for the remaining cold nights that we might get this year. There’s a little more fallen wood in the front paddock, if we get that it will be a good start for winter next year.


wet backyard

Such an unusual site ... it's all wet!

We had an amazing 20 mls of rain overnight … and a blackout for most of it. And when I was ready for my Chinese lesson at 9am there was another blackout!! In the mid afternoon there was another blackout!! When I rang up to find out what was going on, I was told this last time was to do some maintenance. I suggested that they should let us know when they deliberately plan to turn the power off … the fellow said that would take up too many phone lines, and people wouldn’t be able to ring in!!! Haven’t they heard of sms!!

In the photo is a winter time claret ash on the left and a casurina or she-oak on the right. Our summer flower display is resting, the lawn has died back from frosts, the wheelbarrow has some fire wood in it, the ash bucket is upside down and some cactus type plants decorate our stone path. There is also a fireplace back there, with some billy cans and things; there’s a standing stick with a tennis ball attached for fun and exercise in the sun! Through the trees you can see … distance!


How we cope with frosty nights.

by cjj on June 12, 2010

Frosts outside and this inside ….

with plenty of this.

Not bad!



by cjj on April 26, 2010

This dead tree had been standing just outside our place for more than 30 years, so I guess it had to come down eventually. We heard the crashing sound late last night, but didn’t know what had caused it until this morning. Jon and I spent most of the day cutting it into little chunks to fit into our fire place during winter. I was looking forward to finding bird nests in the hollow branches but there was nothing there. However there was a brown snake that slithered out of it … straight into the garden.