We have a hay shed too!

by cjj on April 7, 2011

After our weekend at Dungowan, we took home a trailer load of lucern hay. Today we finally worked out where we could store it. We took a few sheets of corrugated iron off the back of an old chook cage, and voila! An instant hay shed. Not as big as cousin J’s, but it’s near the flower garden and has black bamboo on two sides. It’s a bit rough, but very pretty!

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Monet’s garden

by cjj on November 26, 2010

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The music here is so appropriate, I couldn’t resist it. I hope I’m forgiven if I tell you it’s an ONYX Classix recording 66032, worth buying!
For this movie I’ve used one movement from the ‘Violin & piano sonata in G minor’.

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Cactus flower

by cjj on November 25, 2010

Cactus flower

Cactus flower

We have a lot of this plant in pots around our house. J calls it a pickle, it looks a little like a spiky gherkin. Occasionally we are rewarded with this wonderful display of flowers. These particular plants are all crammed into a rectangular concrete pot outside our back door. They would have got about 6 inches of rain while we were away, no wonder they’re doing this now! The flowers are so delicate, such a contrast to the nasty pickle, and they’ll only last a short time. I’m glad I was home today to photograph them.

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shirley's exhibition, Putney flower shop

Shirley's exhibition, Putney flower shop

If you look very carefully, you can see the artist’s reflection in the glass. I helped Shirley set up this exhibition after she very kindly came all the way out to the airport to pick up us last Wednesday.

The paintings are mostly of flowers, and can be seen on her one painting every other day dot blogspot website. There are also some fruits and water scenes from the Parramatta River near Putney.

Each and every one a beautiful painting .. an inspiration .. looking forward to doing my own. Shirley is a very busy person, yet she still finds time to paint. What a gal!


wet backyard

Such an unusual site ... it's all wet!

We had an amazing 20 mls of rain overnight … and a blackout for most of it. And when I was ready for my Chinese lesson at 9am there was another blackout!! In the mid afternoon there was another blackout!! When I rang up to find out what was going on, I was told this last time was to do some maintenance. I suggested that they should let us know when they deliberately plan to turn the power off … the fellow said that would take up too many phone lines, and people wouldn’t be able to ring in!!! Haven’t they heard of sms!!

In the photo is a winter time claret ash on the left and a casurina or she-oak on the right. Our summer flower display is resting, the lawn has died back from frosts, the wheelbarrow has some fire wood in it, the ash bucket is upside down and some cactus type plants decorate our stone path. There is also a fireplace back there, with some billy cans and things; there’s a standing stick with a tennis ball attached for fun and exercise in the sun! Through the trees you can see … distance!


Butterflies at Llynmollie Cottage

by cjj on March 10, 2010

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Butterflies in our garden.



Scrubwrens in our garden

by cjj on March 8, 2010

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We have these beautiful pots of flowers hanging from our clothes line. That big white bunch of petunias on the left has a new nest of Scrubwrens.

Here is a Scrubwren emerging from her new home!

Watch carefully as a busy little bird takes in nesting material and leaves quickly for more.