Vegetable garden is going fine!

by cjj on November 11, 2014

Vegetable garden with early morning shadow. Vegetable garden. November, mid spring.


The vegetable garden continues to provide us with enough vegetables for our real food diet. As well as vegetable and meat meals and salads, we have a green smoothie every day. I love the fact that I can make it all from living vegetables that have been grown completely without man made chemicals. So far, our only fertiliser has been horse manure and organic mulch. On the advice of the local nursery man (Heemskerks in Tamworth) we’re switching to lucern mulch. He pointed out that it is much more nutritious for the plants than sugar cane mulch. (NTS: find a reference for this!)


Mowing outside the garden

by cjj on April 20, 2011

Carmel mowing in pink hat

Me mowing

We spent most of today just outside the fence, pulling up young thistles and mowing. It is not good to have dried grasses right up to the fence mainly because it is a fire hazard. But we are very keen to have mown lawn because it looks so good, and we can walk out there. It was lovely weather today, and that work was good exercise. J took this photo of me because he liked my hat. It is just a big sun hat, but it bends down easily under the ear muffs. I did feel a little like Bo Peep!
See the sheep in the background under the tree!
BTW that tree is the shape it is because galahs flew in one year and stripped the bark off it, nearly ring barking it. The tree recovered by growing branches from low on its trunk. I think the birds do this to encourage branches to die which eventually gives them hollows to nest in.

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This kind of job is quite normal on a property where there are cattle. They like to rub themselves on anything they can, and fence posts work just fine. So, over the years, the fence posts get a lean on them.
This particular post is on the corner of our garden, in front of our shipping containers. We want to hang a gate on it, so we had to straighten it. It took us all afternoon to do it. After digging out the dirt on the outside of it, we attached a chain to the tow bar of the truck and pulled it up straight. Then we tamped rocks around it to hold it straight … but tamped too hard on one side and it ended up sloping out into the paddock. Oh dear! We had to dig the rocks out from the inside of the post (ones that we had just tamped in) and then use the truck to push it back to an upright position. The job should have taken only half the afternoon!!!
At least it’s done now, well not quite. We don’t have the right stuff to attach it to the post, so this job is still on the “to do” list.

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Scrub wren

by cjj on February 21, 2011

scrub wren

scrub wen in the garden

We were quite busy today. We got a lot of work done on the trench across the yard to the 2 shipping containers. I did some study, and some physical exercise. I also made a trip into town. I also took 135 photographs!


So which photo did I choose to put here? The first one that I took this morning when I was having breakfast in the back yard!

This is a scrub wren. He (or she) is one of our favourite birds. They have real personalities and their behaviour is so much more interesting than the more common blue wren. They aggressively search for food, lifting and throwing things around, turning leaves and raking through debris. The blue wrens just seem to peck. There are 2 scrub wrens in the yard at the moment. We think they chased their teenage child away just last week! This means they might be nesting again.

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Monet’s garden

by cjj on November 26, 2010

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The music here is so appropriate, I couldn’t resist it. I hope I’m forgiven if I tell you it’s an ONYX Classix recording 66032, worth buying!
For this movie I’ve used one movement from the ‘Violin & piano sonata in G minor’.

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Monet’s garden – a Japanese message

by cjj on October 4, 2010

A sign in Monet's garden

A Japanese sign in Monet's garden

I don’t know what this sign says. But lots of Japanese tourists were interested in it. I wonder if my dear friend Yoriko might translate it for me???

A lot of inspiration for Monet came from the woodblock prints that were entering the country as wrapping paper!! There are a lot of them in frames in his house, hanging on the walls.


Giverny – Claude Monet’s place

by cjj on October 3, 2010

French windows into Monet's bedroom

Monet's bedroom windows overlooking his garden

We got here early and the garden was still wet from dew or light rain. All day the clouds changed which gave us a great variety of lighting.

We wondered around the garden first, then a tunnel under the road to the lilly ponds which were every bit as beautiful as the books and postcards we’ve seen. The house is also open for tourists, but no photos were allowed inside, so I did a couple of quick sketches in my diary.

There were a lot of people there, but I wouldn’t call it very crowded, so I think we were lucky.

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