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I’ve already posted a movie of Monet’s ponds, but this is some more footage that I took …
We spent almost a whole day at Monet’s place, I wish I had taken many more hours of film. I’m really enjoying re-living the place. Real magic!


Claude Monet’s house

by cjj on November 26, 2010

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Once again I’ve pinched music off a fantastic disc published by ONYX Classix, no 66032.
This time I’ve used track 9, “the girl with the flaxen hair”. You will hear it all, it is exactly the same length as my movie, ie 3 minutes.
It is just beautiful? Makes my movie irresistible!


Monet’s garden

by cjj on November 26, 2010

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The music here is so appropriate, I couldn’t resist it. I hope I’m forgiven if I tell you it’s an ONYX Classix recording 66032, worth buying!
For this movie I’ve used one movement from the ‘Violin & piano sonata in G minor’.

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Monet’s garden – a Japanese message

by cjj on October 4, 2010

A sign in Monet's garden

A Japanese sign in Monet's garden

I don’t know what this sign says. But lots of Japanese tourists were interested in it. I wonder if my dear friend Yoriko might translate it for me???

A lot of inspiration for Monet came from the woodblock prints that were entering the country as wrapping paper!! There are a lot of them in frames in his house, hanging on the walls.


Giverny – rue

by cjj on October 3, 2010

a lane in Giverny

a lane in Giverny - rue

A country of limestone means everything is built of it. Everywhere there are garden walls or house walls onto the roads. Means that is is very secure. We’ve only seen a few fences. Sometimes you can see through gates and there are beautiful gardens behind the walls. Often the walls are covered with vines, all starting to turn red now.


Giverny – Claude Monet’s place

by cjj on October 3, 2010

French windows into Monet's bedroom

Monet's bedroom windows overlooking his garden

We got here early and the garden was still wet from dew or light rain. All day the clouds changed which gave us a great variety of lighting.

We wondered around the garden first, then a tunnel under the road to the lilly ponds which were every bit as beautiful as the books and postcards we’ve seen. The house is also open for tourists, but no photos were allowed inside, so I did a couple of quick sketches in my diary.

There were a lot of people there, but I wouldn’t call it very crowded, so I think we were lucky.

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