Vegetable garden is going fine!

by cjj on November 11, 2014

Vegetable garden with early morning shadow. Vegetable garden. November, mid spring.


The vegetable garden continues to provide us with enough vegetables for our real food diet. As well as vegetable and meat meals and salads, we have a green smoothie every day. I love the fact that I can make it all from living vegetables that have been grown completely without man made chemicals. So far, our only fertiliser has been horse manure and organic mulch. On the advice of the local nursery man (Heemskerks in Tamworth) we’re switching to lucern mulch. He pointed out that it is much more nutritious for the plants than sugar cane mulch. (NTS: find a reference for this!)



by 卡梅尔 on April 12, 2011




肥料 féi liào fertilizer; manure
覆盖 fù gài to cover
腐殖覆盖物 fǔ zhí fù gài wù mulch


We have a hay shed too!

by cjj on April 7, 2011

After our weekend at Dungowan, we took home a trailer load of lucern hay. Today we finally worked out where we could store it. We took a few sheets of corrugated iron off the back of an old chook cage, and voila! An instant hay shed. Not as big as cousin J’s, but it’s near the flower garden and has black bamboo on two sides. It’s a bit rough, but very pretty!

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Collecting hay bales

by cjj on February 7, 2011

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I think cousin J thought it was just another day in the paddock, but we enjoyed watching him work, and it was very interesting to see how he unloaded the bales. The main aim here is to get the bales into the hay shed as quickly as possible. There was no threat of rain on this day, but sometimes there is and if the bales get wet they are ruined or downgraded. So, the bales are unloaded very quickly in the middle of the hay shed. For long term storage they have to be repacked into side bays and this is done mostly by hand, one at a time with the aid of an elevator.