Lunch on the boat

by cjj on October 24, 2010

Fried bread, sausage cheese and salad

Fried bread, sausage cheese and salad

Jon having lunch on the boat

Jon having lunch on the boat

Despite Jon’s look, this was a very nice meal. Wasn’t into cooking, so it was a good way to deal with stale bread, and only had a frypan to wash.


Lunch on the 12th

by cjj on October 13, 2010

a pub meal
A quiche and a steak for lunch

We recognised both these on the menu, but were a bit disappointed they were so plain. The steak had a tube of mustard. My quich was nice, but … I should have tried the hamburger but I didn’t want to eat with my fingers.

The beers were nice. I ordered the ‘grand coffee’ but it didn’t have milk like in Toulouse. It was just a cup of espresso.


catching up with rellies

by cjj on September 13, 2010

J’s cousin and wife came for lunch on Saturday, we had a delicious middle eastern type meal (delicious even if I do say so my self!) and a great time just talking and trying to photograph the blue wrens and other things that hung around to entertain us. Weather was glorious, and the view was green!

Barbequed mushroom, eggplant and nan bread, with chilli/curry meatballs, tabuleh, hommus and yoghurt.

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