The Red Track

by cjj on June 16, 2013

An imaginary sketch I did last night. I was inspired to do it when I saw an accidental blue smudge on the paper … a lot like Mr Squiggle used to do. 🙂 #justforfun



Wǒ de shuāngbāotāi jiěmèi huà zhège shuǐcǎi.
My twin sister painted this watercolour.

Zài ebay kàn yīxià
Have a look on ebay.

"Old Bridge on Yellow Mountain" watercolor painting

"Old Bridge on Yellow Mountain" watercolor painting by Shirley Peters


Shirley Peters (my twin sister!)

by cjj on May 11, 2011

Shirley Peter's web site

Shirley Peter's web site

Today has been freezing cold and windy. Didn’t do much! I got some wood for the fire and I studied Chinese. That’s about it. Not much to blog about.

Instead I’d like to mention my twin sister. Shirley is at last doing what she has always wanted to do, and that is paint. Today she modified her web site, so it’s timely to suggest you have a look!
Shirley is classed as an emerging artist, and she is doing very well at it too. See how many ‘solds’ she has!

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