by cjj on February 1, 2012


Too cold, and too busy.

by cjj on June 12, 2011

Using a chain to move a big rock.

Using a chain to move a big rock.

I haven’t been doing any posts on my blog lately because it’s been too cold! The room where I have my computer is too hard to heat, so on frosty nights, there is no way I’m going to work at my desk. And recently it has been frosty. Today though, it is raining, so not all that cold.

Another reason I haven’t been at my computer all that much is that we have been doing stuff. We are trying to make our place a little bit nicer than it is and that means work! For example, the rock in the photo was in the way when we tried to mow. It was bigger than we thought it was too, so after a bit of digging we needed the chain on the truck to move it. It did too, it just pulled it out of a deep hole and dragged it along the ground.


How quickly does winter come!

by cjj on May 24, 2011

Today has been luxurious. Cold, wet and windy outside, warm and cosy inside. Except for the occasional venture to get firewood or photographs I know where I’ve been.

The sun came out this afternoon, just in time to let me get a matching photograph of one taken 12 days ago. I really like the changing seasons, it makes the garden very interesting. Always something different, but not very often is there such a dramatic transition as this one. Only 5 days ago we were sitting out there in comfortable weather, enjoying lunch with some relatives. We were looking at the shrivelled up green leaves in the tree. Today we’re locked up inside.

I am so lucky though, I can escape inside and spend most of my day doing stuff I like, and watching the world through my computer.

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Another severe storm

by cjj on March 2, 2011

front paddock

A wet road in the front paddock.

This is the same road as in the previous post when it was dry and covered with birds eating the spilt grain.

This evening it’s very wet because we have just had another big storm. You can see the road is blocked by some fallen branches. It was still raining when I took this photo, but nothing like during the storm. We couldn’t see the other side of the paddock at all because the rain was so dense. There’s a lot of damage in the garden too, big branches down every where. Tomorrow will be another day of cleaning up with the chain saw.
Oh boy, will we have a lot of fire wood for next winter!

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radar of rain

by cjj on February 13, 2011

the hole in the radar

the hole in the radar

It amazes me how often it can be raining all around us and not raining here. Most often it shows up on the radar, like in this picture. The arrows are pointing to a white bit of radar. White means very very light rain. All the coloured stuff (degrees of heavier rain) moves around but this white bit is nearly always there. If that bit gets coloured it still doesn’t mean that it will be raining here, if I go outside and put my hand out to feel it, it might still be dry. I think the radar is usually right, but sometimes quite optimistic!


a southerly buster in Barraba!

by cjj on January 17, 2011

rain coming from the south west

Rain coming at us from just south of the setting sun

As the sun set late this evening a storm or two came at us from the south. It had been a very hot and sunny day so the rain reminded me of the southerly busters that they get in Sydney and on the south coast. The temperature has dropped and it feels fantastic. When it started J and I stayed outside under the trees to take some photos, it was too good out there, and still too hot inside. There was no lightning at the time, and for a while the trees kept the rain off us. The cows didn’t look too impressed, and started to run around a bit, but they soon calmed down.


Our creek

by cjj on January 15, 2011

The catchment and creek that runs behind our place

The catchment and creek as it approaches our place.

the creek running past the back of our house as it is today

The creek running past the back of our house as it is today.

The creek in 'flood' in winter this year

The creek in 'flood' in winter this year.

This is about as full as the creek gets behind our place. The top of the catchment is only about 2km away. Only once have we seen the water washing across the paddock about 30cm deep. It can get away too quickly to be a flood threat to us. There is a drop of about 3m down to the creek. And the whole paddock is below us too. So that would be a lot of water from that small catchment before we got flooded.

And besides it hardly rains here. It rains east west north and south, but not here! There was an unprecedented 6 inches when we were away in October, but since we’ve been home, not much. So we have paddocks full of thistles, but a nice green lawn around the house. Because the thistles are so dense, I can’t get out there to get a clearer photo of the creek. You can see from the winter time photo what the terrain is like. There wasn’t much grass then ay?


Rainy trip home from Wooli

by cjj on December 24, 2010

It rained heavily most of the trip home, but when we got home it was very dry. All of the rain has been up north, mostly in Queensland, but also along the Gwydir Highway. It was a spectacular trip though, we really enjoyed it. We drive on the Gwydir Highway that goes west from Grafton up the escarpment of the Great Dividing Range through Inverell and on and on. (We’ve never been to the end of it). We turn off it at Delungra, a little past Inverell and go south through Bingara to Barraba. It’s a good road and there is very interesting rural and natural scenery all the way. There is also not very much traffic.



by cjj on October 12, 2010

Canal du midi


Sunday 10th October

This is part of a canal that actually cuts France in half.

This was our first day on this canal. It is wider and more landscaped than the Baise. We can stop anywhere along it. On the boat is a mallet with 3 steel pegs so that we can moor anywhere.
It rained most of this day, and we got drenched holding onto ropes in locks.


what, another photo of a crested pigeon?

by cjj on August 26, 2010

Teenage crested pigeon

Teenage crested pigeon, just resting in the lush grass.

These beautiful creatures just keep hanging around. I can’t help it if they’re so photogenic! This is the junior of the family, he just sits around all day and still gets fed by his parents! They, meanwhile are sitting on the nest again. I’m quite surprised that the raptors haven’t eaten him, he really isn’t too frightened by anything.
After what feels like 25 years of drought, this lush grass is also a novelty for us. We’ve had a week of cloudy, windy and wet weather but only a total of 17mm of rain. It looks lush on the surface, but I don’t think there is enough water to get deep into the soil.