Mowing outside the garden

by cjj on April 20, 2011

Carmel mowing in pink hat

Me mowing

We spent most of today just outside the fence, pulling up young thistles and mowing. It is not good to have dried grasses right up to the fence mainly because it is a fire hazard. But we are very keen to have mown lawn because it looks so good, and we can walk out there. It was lovely weather today, and that work was good exercise. J took this photo of me because he liked my hat. It is just a big sun hat, but it bends down easily under the ear muffs. I did feel a little like Bo Peep!
See the sheep in the background under the tree!
BTW that tree is the shape it is because galahs flew in one year and stripped the bark off it, nearly ring barking it. The tree recovered by growing branches from low on its trunk. I think the birds do this to encourage branches to die which eventually gives them hollows to nest in.

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can’t see me!

by cjj on May 29, 2010

This sheep knows that he shouldn’t be there, and he’s obviously trying to hide!

This place is one of the outdoor eating places in our garden. It is lovely to sit here and watch out over the valley.

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New neighbours

by cjj on April 19, 2010

Here is one of our new neighbours! A flock of 17 lads (yes, all rams!) all very quiet and friendly, just trying to seek out a little bit of something to eat in the incredibly dry paddocks. They are quite happy to hang around with the cattle, but they also go off by themselves and spend a lot of time sitting outside our front fence, under the shade of our apple tree.
To try to gauge if anyone is actually reading this blog, I think I will put up a poll. Please click yes or no to the question ‘Do you like sheep?’ Thank you.