backyard friends

by cjj on August 30, 2010

… you know, I love my camera as much as I love all these crazy creatures who live around here. I used to spend a lot of time in a dark room, and a lot of money on coloured slides and prints, and then there are the many boxes of terrible photos that still fill our house!

Now I can take a million photos, pick out the good one and publish it to the world!!!!

This little chappy was just a tad bemused by a shiny camera lens being stuffed up his nose, but he didn’t complain, and afterwards just ran off to get on with whatever he was up to.

The detail in this photo reminds me of how disappointed I was as a young child when I was given a magnifying lens. I rushed outside to look at the creatures all over the grass just as it demonstrated on the box .. there was nothing there, just bigger blades of grass!


Collecting fire wood

by cjj on July 5, 2010

Collecting fire wood with a chain saw is very noisy, and some creatures don’t really like it.
This spider was running away along the log that was being cut. When he got to the end, this photo shows he has just started spinning a web that he used to drop himself down off the bit of wood.

This Willy Wagtail was thrilled. He didn’t mind the noise at all and hang around most of the time collecting food that was disturbed by our activities. I’m sure he thought Jon and I were just another couple of particularly noisy bulls!!!

(that is Jon in the top left corner cutting wood)

To finish the day off nicely, a herd of weeners that had been feeding on the stock route were quietly led past the front fence to a holding paddock up the road a bit.
A kangaroo tried not to be noticed as he was getting ready for his dinner on the lush green oats.


Golden Orb Spider

by cjj on April 12, 2010

This beautiful creature has made a very large web just outside our back door! She is no threat to us, she might even help out by catching some flies, she’s not in the way and she is very interesting, … so she stays. It will be good to see how long she lasts, but it’s autumn here now, and it will be frosty soon, so I suppose by then she won’t want to be there any more.
She is called a golden orb because of the colour of her web, it really is very yellow and glows … golden! Tiny little males live on the outside areas of the web and risk being eaten when they approach the female.