Another severe storm

by cjj on March 2, 2011

front paddock

A wet road in the front paddock.

This is the same road as in the previous post when it was dry and covered with birds eating the spilt grain.

This evening it’s very wet because we have just had another big storm. You can see the road is blocked by some fallen branches. It was still raining when I took this photo, but nothing like during the storm. We couldn’t see the other side of the paddock at all because the rain was so dense. There’s a lot of damage in the garden too, big branches down every where. Tomorrow will be another day of cleaning up with the chain saw.
Oh boy, will we have a lot of fire wood for next winter!

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more storms, more fallen branches

by cjj on January 20, 2011

next winter's firewood (storm damage)

next winter's firewood!

Gum tree branches in the Cootamundra wattle

Gum tree branches in the Cootamundra wattle

view across paddock, flock of sheep and fallen branches

View across the paddock, flock of sheep and fallen branches.

Forget raining cats and dogs, it was branches, (thanks Shirl) but luckily not too much damage and 2 birds are still on their nests! The crested pigeon didn’t get any more branches on top of her, but she would have had to hold on to not get blown out of her nest, which also survived! And on the other side of the house is a pair of willy wag tails with a nest. After the storm, a disheveled looking bird was on that nest too. It was a great storm, there are trees and branches down all around the paddock. And someone has been chainsawing out on the main road for hours!
This time we got 25mm which is quite respectable, in just half an hour. But the wind was terrible, from every direction. No lightning and just a little hail. So we were very lucky.

Just this morning our landlord swapped the cattle in our paddock for a flock of sheep. I watched them as they marched down the road (between the thistles) and turned right to go to the shade under the trees that you can see in the bottom photo. It was a very sunny and hot morning. After the storm they weren’t under the tree and I hope they weren’t there when those branches fell.


a southerly buster in Barraba!

by cjj on January 17, 2011

rain coming from the south west

Rain coming at us from just south of the setting sun

As the sun set late this evening a storm or two came at us from the south. It had been a very hot and sunny day so the rain reminded me of the southerly busters that they get in Sydney and on the south coast. The temperature has dropped and it feels fantastic. When it started J and I stayed outside under the trees to take some photos, it was too good out there, and still too hot inside. There was no lightning at the time, and for a while the trees kept the rain off us. The cows didn’t look too impressed, and started to run around a bit, but they soon calmed down.