The Red Track

by cjj on June 16, 2013

An imaginary sketch I did last night. I was inspired to do it when I saw an accidental blue smudge on the paper … a lot like Mr Squiggle used to do. 🙂 #justforfun



Geese in the Lane

Geese in the Lane

Here is another one of Shirley’s paintings. I think it is a beautiful painting. We were on holidays together when she took this photo. It was in a very ancient looking village, and was wet and cold. It was a great holiday, a real adventure.

Shirley is selling this painting. Why not check it out in ebay? Click here to see it. Though if you’re reading this after 20th June, you might be too late.

Another cold day here, and it’s still raining. Been raining all week. Tomorrow, we’re driving to Armidale, just for fun! Might have something to post about then.


Artist, Shirley Peters

by cjj on June 1, 2011

Miller's House, China. Watercolour by Shirley Peters
Miller’s House, China. Watercolour by Shirley Peters


My twin sister Shirley Peters is offering her watercolour paintings on ebay.

Because she likes to paint (a lot), she is happy to sell the watercolours cheaply, but I think it is rather sad to see them go for too little.

Have a look! They are great paintings. Others think so too, look at her great reviews.

Just for a few dollars you could own one of Shirley’s original, beautiful paintings.

This painting will only be on ebay for the remainder of today. If you miss it, there will be more. You could start a collection! They could make a wonderful display in any home.

My favourite so far was the ‘Bridge on Yellow Mountain’. Someone bought it though, but Shirley says she will do me another one!!! She is so kind.

Shirley’s user name on ebay is Sannpet. Click here to see the paintings on ebay.

You can see her other work at her own web site. Click here for Shirley’s web site.