澳大利亚鹊的嘤-Australian magpie calling

by 卡梅尔 on February 7, 2011

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I filmed this at Wooli on the north coast of New South Wales. This magpie has different markings to the ones we have here at Barraba, but like all magpies, it has a terrific way of calling or talking. In the film I also caught it sunning itself in our yard. He was lying on the ground with his wings out. I think he is trying to get ants or something to crawl on him to eat minute predators, all the magpies do this sun baking.

澳大利亚 Australia
鹊    què    magpie
嘤    yīng    calling of birds


Waves at Wooli

by cjj on February 19, 2010

Tonight Jon and I had a delicious meal at a wonderful restaurant overlooking the Wooli Wooli River. Because we have daylight saving here (it’s summer!) we had plenty of daylight to watch the river and the birds, and the clouds and the sunset…. while we ate beautiful food that someone else cooked!

Here we are:

ps. the lawn is mowed!



by cjj on February 17, 2010

We drove to Wooli today, it took 7 hours. Wooli is a lovely beach side village where we have a rather oldish house that needs some work … but we’re here to mow the grass.

Here is a photo of a plover sitting on eggs with ibises keeping a safe distance, all happening in a park next to our house after some very heavy rain, last September.